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One reason I feel silent the last couple of weeks was a major last push dealing with a paper. Well, I’ve finally had the new that some the fruits of my last several years’ labor has been deemed suitable for publication in one of the “big 3” glamorous magazines for life scientists. In the interest of pseudonymity, I won’t go far into the process, but: it was not pleasant.

Now I am of conflicting emotions. I am in full agreement that there is a severely unhealthy fixation on publishing in these journals, and this is a frequently discussed topic by Drug Monkey and Bjorn Brembs, among others. I am relieved it’s over. It degenerated into an irrational process that wasted many people’s time and effort, and that has not been my experience at “lesser” journals. In no way will it change who reads my paper or what affect, if any, it will have on my field.

However, for my career, it might mean everything, and that both thrills and sickens me. Had it not made it, it would have been published in a good journal. And get this: I was LITERALLY applying for a job as an associate editor of a journal when I got the news. I did not finish the application. I am stuck with the hypocrisy of hoping like hell it matters to search committees and just as firmly believing it shouldn’t. And not wanting in particular to do this again.

So I won this round of the shit eating contest, but if I go on bigger helpings await – for jobs, for grants, for tenure…



2 Comments on “Careerist news”

  1. funkdoctorx says:

    Dude, that’s fucking awesome. Congrats. Should hopefully get you an interview at least.

    I feel you on the conflict of publishing in a glamour mag. I haven’t done so (yet?), but sometimes I dream of having some kick ass data that should get into C/N/S, and saying “fuck you” and publishing it in PLoS One. My conscience tells me this is the right thing to do, but my pragmatism (and the others in the lab when I express my desire) tells me I’m nuts. But it would make it a lot easier to look at myself in the mirror at the end of the day…

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