This is the LOLziest thing on the Chronicle in a long time:

Why Are Associate Professors So Unhappy?

Ummm… srsly, who cares? This is fingers-on-the-pulse of what’s up with academia? TT job market, funding situation, decline of the faculty, rise of fake universities… nope. People with tenure — in effect academic job security for life — are feeling a little bummed that it’s not exactly how they imagined it, I guess.

I’m reminded of this guy in my field who has done really well… published a ton, director or chair of something, etc. He’s pretty much a dick in person. Someone told me the reason is that he feels that he “doesn’t get the recognition he thinks he deserves.” I laughed ’til I cried. In our wildest dreams, my postdoc colleagues and I dare to hope to get shortlisted for a job we want in a place where our spouses can also find a job and we don’t get depressed imagining living. And this dude…. Doesn’t. Get. Enough. “Recognition.”

So, my advice to both him and Associate Profs who are feeling a little blue: fucking shut up and quit. And take out a boomer full professor or two while you’re at it, because those dudes (and I do mean dudes) are never going to retire.


One Comment on “Sympathy”

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