So this guy from a massively well-funded neuroscience institute gave a talk, and at the end someone asked if they were hiring. He’s all: “We’re hiring for positions that are a bit higher than a super-postdoc but not as independent as a research fellow.”

So both of those categories are relatively recent bullshit positions that retain talented scientists in academia without offering a good salary or job security. Superdocs are the suddenly-graying, tired-eyed waifs who you see in the hallway sometimes but never at seminars. Research fellows are non-faculty that get their own lab space (maybe with 1 tech and 1 student). They are usually crying in their offices.

Awesome to have a career stage IN BETWEEN those two.


One Comment on “layers”

  1. Dr Becca says:

    Holy hell. How could he even say that with a straight face?

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