Nothing to see here…

More whinging from postdocs is all.

When professionals outside of the life sciences learn what postdocs make, the reaction is often, “Why do you continue your career as a scientist?” Indeed, the odds of succeeding in academic research are quite grim. According to the NIH, only 26 percent of biomedical sciences PhD recipients in 2012 obtained tenured track positions, down from an already low 34 percent in 1993. And a 2010 article published in The Economist reported that between 2005 and 2009, “America produced more than 100,000 doctoral degrees. In the same period, there were only 16,000 new professorships.”  As a result, many talented scientists are choosing to abandon their careers in the life sciences in pursuit of more lucrative opportunities.

Ed Yong nails it:


Though I’d take Max’s odds over 100 postdocs enter, 16 leave.

And this:


Nice generational difference here. I think I must be closer to Ed, because I like to start every morning in the lab by screaming in falsetto, “Do you know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby! You’re gonna diiiiiiiiiiieeee!!!!!!”


3 Comments on “Nothing to see here…”

  1. Dr Becca says:

    Actually, I think Ed and Bashir are really close in age (30ish)–it’s just that Bashir is more polite 🙂
    And we’ve been saying for YEARS that TT jobs should be decided by head-to-head cage match. Why not let everyone else get a little entertainment out of it?

  2. Bashir says:

    It’s more that I didn’t have cable and couldn’t watch R movies growing up.

  3. rxnm says:

    Actually, the Road Warrior was one of the first R movies I saw, on HBO at a friend’s house (we also didn’t have cable). I had nightmares for weeks.

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