A lesson?

An inexplicable spike in traffic led me to investigate, and this is what I found:


Awesome! The Drug Monkey is one of my favorite blogs and an enjoyable follow on Twitter. Then I remembered another mention DM and had made on this post about pseudonymity:



….and a related comment by Physioprof:

You realize that your feeling of “pretty safe here” based on “no one reads this blog” is fucken delusional, right?


So now I’m like, maybe DM is just fucking with my head, the way Miyagi-san does something that seems like a boring chore or something but then it turns out – suddenly! – to be a lesson. Of course, the greatest lesson was when Daniel-chan found Miyagi-san completely shitfaced.

I’m aware that a sufficiently motivated/savvy/curious person, someone I know IRL, or those I have identified myself to online could identify me from this blog. I just don’t think many people who would do that would have the opportunity or motive to turn this into bad consequences. There is some risk to pseudonymity (or blogging at all), but a calculated one. In the mean time, I’ll take DM’s recommendation at face value, maybe incorporate the blurb into my banner.

Has anyone faced negative consequences from compromised pseudonymity? I would honestly be interested to know about it.


10 Comments on “A lesson?”

  1. i should promote your blog now 🙂

  2. rxnm says:

    I’m such an ingrate… not only were you the first person to ever promote this blog, I think it was pretty much your idea. Though I was never sure if you’re “you should start a blog” meant “your blog would be interesting” or “stop posting such long comments on my blog.”

  3. well, you were leaving long and coherent comments all over the place. the reason a lot of ppl give for not blogging if they do leave comments is that they don’t have time, but it struck me that you were burning more time spraying your commentary across the web than you would if put it in one central place.

    in other news, i do have a feeling of the sensei becoming the student, as i am taking a keen interest in the goings-on of someone at a much more advanced stage of their career than mine.

  4. also, as i told you at the time going pseudo is certainly best, and something i would have done if i had to start over again. that being said, using my “real name” has not caused many issues for me so far at all, and on the contrary i doubt i would have had the gig @ discover if was pseudo.

  5. rxnm says:

    “…i am taking a keen interest in the goings-on of someone at a much more advanced stage of their career than mine.”

    It must be inspiring. Ha. Ha. Honestly, I wish I was writing about science more. But what’s on my mind is careerism. Of course, that’s why I’m writing at all… not many experiments and lots of time to worry staring at blank Word docs.

  6. Dr Becca says:

    Ooh, watch out! A little DrugMonkey promotion is what got things rolling with my blog as well. And FWIW, I’ve also really been enjoying your blog. You seem awesome.

  7. rxnm says:

    Thanks Dr. B! My blog productivity lately is unfortunately in direct proportion to my not-writing-something-I-should-be-writing, but hopefully I’ll hit a balance. And your blog has been a great preview of what is [hopefully, hopefully] ahead.

  8. jbashir says:

    I haven’t had any negative consequences. I actually had some positive consequences to selectively dropping my pseudo to one reader. I started the blog under the assumption that my cover would eventually be blown.

  9. rxnm says:

    So you’re saying I should change that “fuck you” to a nobel guy to “I see the wisdom of your pronouncements.”

  10. DrugMonkey says:

    FTR, those were independent comments. I’m no Mr Miyagi

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