Monday squash drills

THE SITCH: You are the dude on the right. I don’t know why you are kneeling and holding your racquet like a ping pong paddle, but the upshot is you are digging something out of the back corner, but you don’t have the skillz to make that shit dribble off the front wall unhittably, and you set up an easy bounce for your opponent, on the left. Also, you have a life-changing, job-getting grant proposal due tomorrow.

After hitting, you are out of position and staying that way, cuz it’s humid as fuck. The dude on the left has a choice to drop or hit a rail down the wall. If you’re lucky, he drives and you can probably get there. Fuck getting the drop. What’s the play?



Who the fuck do you think you are? Leave the goddamn court and finish your proposal immediately! Are your chances not already horrible? You need to further sabotage yourself with pathetic excuses about how “exercise will clear your head?” The guy on the left already has a job.



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