SfN investigations…

Pimm's Cup at Napoleon HouseI can’t make it to this, because I’m not going to make it to SfN until the second day, and Monday I might be busy. In addition to being the best SfN location, New Orleans is my ancestral homeland, so I have many routine visits and things to do during the meeting. My spouse is coming, and we’ll be visiting the family crypt, some favorite restaurants, consuming excessive amounts of Pimm’s at Napolean House, etc. The list is shorter since some places, like my great-grandparents neighborhood, were cleanly erased by Katrina.

Anyway, I doubt I could pass my self off as a prospective student, but I would be VERY INTERESTED to hear what recruiters at this event have to say when they are asked about the job/career prospects for graduates of their programs:

Graduate School Fair
Date: Sunday, Oct. 14 and Monday, Oct. 15, 12 – 1 p.m.
Contact: profdev@sfn.org

The Society is hosting the first annual Graduate School Fair, providing prospective students and graduate schools with an opportunity to meet face-to-face during the meeting. Graduate programs interested in participating can log in on the NeuroJobsWeb site to reserve a booth space.  Institutional Programs (IP) can purchase exhibitor space for only $100, while non-IP members can recruit prospective students for $250, or at the lower rate by becoming an IP member!


2 Comments on “SfN investigations…”

  1. Dr Becca says:

    Actually, it would be particularly interesting if you tried to pass yourself off as a prospective student who’s been, say, in finance for the past 15 years or however long you’ve been out of college, had a change of heart/morals/whatever, and decided to pursue your true love of science. Would recruiters be as optimistic and encouraging to someone not all fresh-faced and ready for a ramen-filled 5 years?

    And PS, I do hope you’ll save some time on Monday eve to pop by my par-tay! Details to come, once I learn how to PhotoShop.

  2. rxnm says:

    Good idea… I’ll pack my ascot and monocle. Party! The famous Banter, I assume?

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