TT Neuro Job Dump

Things from my “starred” list on Google Reader:

Teach the the Pottery Barn customers of tomorrow at Middlebury:

I think the person you need to impress is probably a coach of some kind:

Boston College seeks someone who “should have postdoctoral experience”:

I have nothing sassy to say about Connecticut. Just thinking about that state makes me sleepy.

Enjoy the annual reenactment of the Battle of Little Round Top:

If you can’t beat the NIH, join it:

For people with #PASSION only!

Campus pics look nice:

I would agree to be paid in yakitori:

Brains, y’all:


4 Comments on “TT Neuro Job Dump”

  1. JS says:

    you are fucking hilarious. i do hope that whole pseudonymity thing works out for you.

  2. funkdoctorx says:

    Yea…same thought occurred to me…aren’t you going to be applying for some of these?

  3. says:

    Boston College is all kind of awesome, except for being stuck at the end of the infamous B-line tramway/subway. So it *looks* like you’re just a short trip away from MIT, Harvard (esp. the medical campus in Longwood where HMS and the big neuro folks are), BU, except that actually you’re not close at all because you’re moving at about half a mile per geological era.

    I would still have applied in a heartbeat, except for the the “behavioral” bit.

  4. rxnm says:

    Hmm… were any of those insulting? Yes, I might apply for a couple of those. Wouldn’t want to work for anyone who didn’t have a sense of humor about themselves. What could go wrong, I always say.

    If I got a job at BC, it’d be a tricky commute. The Green Line gives me motion sickness whichever way I face. It’s shocking that the people of that city have the ignorance to be proud of the T. It’s like an advertisement for the culture of low expectations.

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