Degrees and kind

A little while ago, someone told me that my describing the religious mouth breathers who obsess over controlling women’s bodies and reproduction (culminating in the mandatory probe thing, the “legitimate rape” thing)  as the “American Taliban” is the same kind of distortion as when the right calls the Affordable Care Act communism or socialism. No, it’s not. “American Taliban” is hyperbole, an obvious exaggeration that is based on moral values of different degrees along the same axis.

Calling “Obamacare” socialism or communism is not exaggerating, it is just demonstrating that you have no fucking clue what those words mean. Or, in many cases, you are lying to scare stupid people. Not the same thing.


2 Comments on “Degrees and kind”

  1. hm. i think this is about right actually. and this comes from someone who notices that many pro-choice liberals seem totally unaware or refuse to acknowledge the reasoning of pro-life people (e.g., my liberal readers will NEVER literally stop being surprised that there isn’t a sex difference in regards to attitudes toward abortion).

  2. rxnm says:

    “my liberal readers will NEVER literally stop being surprised”

    Maybe it’s our gluten allergies?

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