The Dark Side of Autumn

#1 sign you are a useless twat: you are 19 and dress like your grandfather.I’d been all happy about Fall coming, but today it’s ruined because: Oh. Fuck. It must have been move-in weekend, and now they’re back.

Aaargh! Get thee from my sight!

There must be some way to better separate the real university from douchebag daycare.


2 Comments on “The Dark Side of Autumn”

  1. jbashir says:

    Your undergrads dress that well? I’m lucky if they aren’t wearing ill-fitting tank tops, pajama pants and a pint of Axe.

    I shouldn’t talk, I wore the same sweatshirt almost everyday.

  2. rxnm says:

    Interesting choice… Nantucket Reds or Axe? At least you can avert your gaze from the Reds.

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