Dining Without #Passion 2: Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice

OK, one more Dining Without #Passion to get this series off to a fast start. Also in honor of this year’s SfN host city and my ancestral home swamp. This one takes a long time, but then you have shitloads in the freezer. Must be made on a Monday.

I know what you’re thinking: “Red beans and rice without andouille sausage?” You fucking tourist: real red beans and rice does not have andouille sausage in it, is has smoked pork hock. And this version is vegetarian, so.

2 pounds dry Camellia Red Beans (buy them online, your shitty beans won’t work)
The holy trinity:
2 large onions. Don’t get fancy.
2 bunches celery
2-3 bell peppers. Again, don’t get fancy! Big green ones, no heirloom shit
Bay leaves, pepper, dry chili, whatever else you want
Smoked salt (trying to make up for the missing smoked hocks)
White rice (brown rice is not recommended with beans).

1. Soak beans overnight in 2x vol water. Pick out the duds.
2. Stop wasting your time and buy a rice cooker.
3. Change the bean water and bring to a boil, until cooked but still all intact. Drain.
4. Meanwhile, chop up all those vegetables nice and small. Saute them in a bit of oil until you’ve basically cooked the shit out of them.
5. Add the vegetables to the beans, add bay leaves (4-5), water just barely covering the stuff.
6. Bring to a boil, then low simmer with lid on, stirring every 5-10 minutes so they don’t stick.
7. Season with smoked salt, pepper, chili while cooking, to taste.
8. Cook for a long time until the beans start to fall apart and it becomes a thick mess, though with most beans still bean-shaped.
9. Cook rice in rice cooker with some salt and butter. Americans: ease up on the water, rice shouldn’t be mushy. 1:1 rice:water after washing for almost all kinds of white rice.
10. Serve it up with more smoked salt to taste, chopped pepperoncini on top, and Tabasco.

Freeze the shit ton of leftovers. Reheat on stove as needed.

Pairs well with: Beer or Water.


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