The Buzz

Fun with overhyped shit and the SfN itinerary planner. Number of abstracts as a function of single and double buzzword deployment.

Lesson: significant opportunities exists in Oxytocin Connectomics and the Epigenetics of Connectomes.

Though with its pitiful abstract count, I’m wondering if connectomics is as overhyped as I thought.

*** UPDATED **** How could I forget stem cells? Error pointed out by IBAM.

I find it really hard to believe no one has dumped any oxytocin on stem cells yet. Low hanging fruit, people!! And the large intersection of stem cells with “epigenetic” made me hope for a trifecta: a triple deployment that would officially be the Best Poster of SfN2012, but alas I have found no such triple threats.



2 Comments on “The Buzz”

  1. What happened to stem cells? Or is that very 2008?

  2. rxnm says:

    Thanks, fixed!!

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