TT Neuro Job Dump #2

Here’s something I’m noticing: a lot of mol/cell neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience with a cellular emphasis, or neurophys type jobs are being posted in psychology departments. Is that new/weird? I didn’t know the psychologists had been tipped off that you can actually study the brain instead of just making flow charts about it. Just kidding! Some of my best friends are psychologists. And there are multiple psych degrees in my immediate family. Sorry, ok! But also, psych departments are often in the “social sciences,” does that mean their startup packages suck? I know: it depends.

Before we get to the listings I’ve so carefully curated for you (removed the postdoc and clinical positions, maybe skipped some others for various reasons), here’s something winsome and fatalistic for the listening pleasure of all of you lonesome eagles out there on the job market. I have decided that once I have my basic research statement and shit together, each job application will take no longer than one listen to Exile on Main Street.

So, these are the jobs starred for one reason or other in my feed. May the odds be forever in your favor:

$85K buys a lot of weed in Lebanon, NH. Neurobiology at Dartmouth Med.

RIBS! And the “interface of psychology and neuroscience” @ Vanderbilt. Good luck with that, invertebratz!

Make your vote count in 2016 in the exciting swing state of Ohio. The job posting says “epigenetics” in it, so you know their fingers are on the proverbial “pulse.”

You won’t be “Illin’” if you get this job in Urbana-Champlain! Sorry. Time to go home.

Magical underwear optional on the Wasatch front – and in those Park City hot tubs. You have to study humans, though, so. Bummer.

Sarah Lawrence essentially plagiarized the Vanderbilt listing: “intersection between psychology and neuroscience.” Where’s that? The…um… brain, right?

I thought it was called “psychobiology” but these folks are all “biopsychology.” The land that spawend R-money.

“Computational” neuroscience in Toronto = your startup package has lots of RAM. “Integrate and fire or compartmental?” is the only interview question.

Yet another psychology department! And in Seattle!

Augusta, GA is as muggy golf pantsy as it sounds. But I’ve recently decided that, according to Wikipedia’s definition, I am a systems neuroscientist even though none of my data is generated by software.

This job listing is fucking crazy. It was written by a search committee from 5 different departments. On mushrooms. It’s in Boulder… I hope you like rich people.


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