Job listing LOL

Who writes this shit?

We would regard it as a plus if the candidate’s work bridges levels using a variety of tools and/or the candidate were interested in translating basic research findings into new ideas for studying the pathophysiology or treatment of brain disorders.

“bridge levels using a variety tools”?????

Followed by the “and/or do the thing that every single neuroscientist does in the discussion section of all of their papers and in every grant proposal.”

It’s the like CHE Jobs site has attained sentience and is begging to be killed using the only vocabulary it knows.


3 Comments on “Job listing LOL”

  1. They might as well have written: “buzzword buzzword buzzword period”.

  2. jbashir says:

    Job adds are an entertaining genre.

  3. rxnm says:

    And this isn’t from some fly-by-night online university, it’s from a reasonably well-respected trade school on the Charles River.

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