A new post category for the build-up to the giant neuroscience thingy! Ill be making restaurant recommendations… I think I’ll stick to the Quarter as that’s where most people hang, and you can eat real well there.

If in the context of New Orleans food you know what file is and how to say it and what the difference between gumbo with and without it is, you can probably skip all these – you know what you’re doing.

Some of these places are, sure, touristy. Guess what? You’re a tourist. Guess also what? New Orleans people eat in these place too, because they’re good.

OK. Today is easy, the theme is FANCY. Need a swish place to take that compeborator or collapitor you’re trying to intimidate?  Two recommendations:

Muriel’s. Right on Jackson Square, heavy handed décor.
What to order: Best turtle soup EVAH. Get extra sherry on the side.
What else: Cocktail specials should be taken advantage of.

GW Fins. Serious seafood for serious $.
What to order: Cold smoked oysters sizzling in butter on 500F oyster shells.
                                Whatever fish.
What else: Waiters try to up-sell on wine. Whatever, you’re already overspending. Try to claim that shit!

Bonus: Here’s someplace people will tell you to go to, but don’t.
Tujague’s. Yes, their menu hasn’t changed for 75,000 years. Yes, that sounds like fun. No, it isn’t.


2 Comments on “EAT IT! @SfN”

  1. chall says:

    I have to say I liked Tujague’s…. maybe it was the slower serving style, the more European feel to it that made me feel more at home?! that said, there were lots of nice places to eat so hopefully everyone will find their own best fit?

    I’d recommend Mother’s on Poydras street. Link: They have a great shrimp salad (real green salad w grilled shrimp) and an awesome ham sandwich:) They’re also pretty cheap since it’s full and people can stand in line forever, clearly many like them

  2. rxnm says:

    Mother’s is great! Thanks for adding to the list.

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