EAT IT! @SfN Episode deux

Today, some cheaper stuff, as requested by @AmasianV. And, importantly, breakfast. All these places are popular with tourists.

Camellia Grill. There is one on Chartres St. (pro tip: “Charters”) and one Uptown at the end of the St. Charles St. streetcar. They do basic breakfast grill stuff, but it is cheap, good, and a fun place to eat. The one in the Quarter just consists of 2 big counters, the one Uptown is bigger. It gets busy… go early. Tourists don’t get up early here. In fact, I’ve never gone to SfN in New Orleans, it could be this place is just nuts during a big meeting.

Café du Monde. Yeah everyone knows about beignets, and it’s always nuts. A plus is that there is an outlet in the Riverwalk mall thing, which is convenient if you just want the fucking donuts without the charming but – let’s be honest, filthy, you can’t be clean with powdered sugar coating everything – location near the market. I’ve seen some capybara-scale rats outside that joint. My concern about the mall location is this: how old are the deep fryers they are using here? I’m pretty sure the beignets are better over by the levee because of the accumulated years of deep fried shit and sugar caked on everything. Pro tip: Dumbass tourists stand in line at Café du Monde. The line is for take-out. Go in and fight for a table… it’s a free-for-all, and there are waiters once you have one. Pro tip #2: People only drank chicory because they were too poor to buy coffee. You probably aren’t. Don’t punish yourself. That shit is rank. Pro tip #3: Take it easy, champ*. A serving is three, but you are pretty much done with your trans fats for the week at that point. I’m limiting myself to 2 visits during the meeting. 

Napolean House Bar. I love this joint. In the French Quarter, about 90% of the tourists are – how shall I say this – disgusting riff raff. Napolean House keeps them out with one simple method: they only play classical music. The food’s reasonably priced. The red beans & rice here are good, though I disapprove of substituting sausage for hocks, as you know. The shrimp remoulade is also fantastic. It’s as good a place as any to get a po’boy (Pro tip: oyster po’boys are special, the others are just deep fried shit you can get anywhere).  To drink: they want to sell you a Pimm’s Cup, and you should get one.

A word about pralines. Lots of places sell packaged pralines. Don’t bother. A good place to go is Laura’s Candies, toward the SfN end of Chartres St, which has free samples of the various kinds. Creole style is interesting. They also have some rarer old New Orleans treats, like heavenly hash.

*UPDATED: This is what I’m talking about. This n00b ate too many beignets. Off to the poster session? I don’t think so.


4 Comments on “EAT IT! @SfN Episode deux”

  1. AmasianV says:

    Best place to get oysters (raw, although that should go without saying)? Any Vietnamese-Cajun places? I know there’ve been some transplants to the Boston area, but I’ve never tried them.

  2. rxnm says:

    I was going to talk about this later. Their are Acme people and their are Felix people. I am Felix people. Both are on Iberville, kind of close to the Bourbon St shit show, avoidable if you approach from river.

  3. chall says:

    I would go to Mena’s palace (Mena’s restaurant) on Chartres/Iberville. Nice place, not too expensive but great food. Good variety too.

    And I had the Oyster’s at Felix and that place is good! 🙂

  4. rxnm says:

    Thanks again! Never been to Mena’s. It’s so hard to try new places when you want to work your way through a favorites list…

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