My priorities
1-1,000,000. Apply for / obtain job
1,000,001. Collect data for SfN
1,000,002. Teach
1,000,003. Babysit n00b rotation student assigned to me without discussion

PI’s priorities for me
1. It’s super important that you get the new rotation student up to speed on your methods so that s/he can work independently while you’re on vacation in mid-October and really get a feel for what we do in the lab. What are you up to? I feel like I haven’t seen you in the lab.
2. I really didn’t get as far in the lectures as I was planning, so if you could just give the necessary background in section so that they can understand/discuss this week’s paper, that’d be great.
3. How are the job applications going? Did you know that Columbia has a good neuro dept? Oh, gentle reminder: I need that draft of the review article pretty much now.
4. You’re going to SfN? Oh, I thought it was a another vacation. Before you go, make sure [collaborator] has all your analysis and figures for the manuscript.


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