SfN is really over

I only slept for about 8 hours last night after two 10-12 hour recovery sleeps in a row. The last of the NOLA fryer fat and praline butter is hopefully out of my system. I went for a short, let’s-just-ease-into-it run yesterday, which caused me to cough for about an hour.

I spent an extra day or so poking around the city, and noted some GOOD NEWS FOR SfN 201#whatever or any trip to New Orleans for that matter: The crappy City Park concession stand is being turned into a Morning Call, which is the place you go in New Orleans to get beignets that is not Café du Monde. The only current Morning Call location is actually kinda neat though a little out of the way… they moved the entire interior of a quaint old timey coffee shop out to a strip mall out by the Causeway.

Most of the museum in the park was closed, which was a bummer, but they did have this portrait of the world’s first Depeche Mode fan, though he’s been really getting into Passion Pit lately.


I, for one, had a fantastic time. Scientifically it was a little bit of a rehash for me. I was mainly presenting published stuff and mainly discussing it with people I’ve previously discussed it with. One of my biggest thrills was seeing in the flesh the leading candidate for Reviewer 3, the emotionally crippled, hopelessly out of touch buzzkill who tried for months and months to torpedo my paper. Anyway, he strolled by, glanced at the poster/name and moved on quick-like, which felt kinda confirmatory. I almost felt sorry for him, as he is a fairly decrepit and unhappy looking person, with a grizzled visage and painfully stooped gait, weary with age and black bile. But then I was like: suck it, asshole. We only have to go one funeral at a time if the boomers refuse to retire. Maybe he wasn’t Reviewer 3, in which case I take all that back.

I had a great time at Banter, and it was super weird and cool to meet all the bloggy/tweety types who I’ve had only OTI contact with. You are all eerily corporeal now. But also awesomer.

Stray observations:

– Invertebrates are literally marginalized in the poster sessions.

– Dario Maestripieri is a giant dumbass.

– I missed every single talk I planned to go to, except the Wednesday afternoon one.

– For a great food city, almost all reasonably-priced food options within 1/2 mile of the convention center suck. Exceptions: Mother’s and Drago’s, both always packed.  And what was up with the mega line at Panda Fucking Express in the Riverwalk? Guys. You would rather have a B- oyster poboy than D+ Chinese food. Trust me.

– SfN-sponsored socials continue to be pretty lame. #pretzels

@Brembs is as passionate about #OA IRL as he is OTI. Nice guy!

– Male people think being in New Orleans is permission to act like a leering, sleazy asshole and get away with it. It’s not. You just are a leering, sleazy asshole.

Airbnb is the shit.

– I have been kidding myself that my vegetarian red beans and rice are as good as the meaty kind. I had forgotten.

– I’m halfway through the flinging-spaghetti-at-the-wall-like process of applying for jobs. Realized on my last day in NO that if things don’t pan out, that was probably my last SfN! Weird, but nothing can really get through my crusty external layer of resignation at this point.


One Comment on “SfN is really over”

  1. Great meeting you IRL at SfN and many thanks for the nice words! Indeed, invertebrates were literally marginalized this year and I’m starting an attempt to change that. One exception was, as always, Drosophila which some people have dubbed an honorary vertebrate 🙂

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