Amazing results from 23andMe!

They are constantly updating their trait association studies, and I was super excited to find out some new information about my genome. I hope the NIH is paying attention and that SNP uploads will soon be part of the “Investigator” section of grant review.



7 Comments on “Amazing results from 23andMe!”

  1. I think you just slot that right into to the biosketch.

  2. neuroecology says:

    About the only thing that 23andme tells me is that I’m even whiter than I thought I was

  3. You are not going to have those wonderful genes go to waste by not having kids now are you???

  4. rxnm says:

    Of course! I’m going to single-handedly solve the pipeline problem by staying out of the gene pool. Also, not seen here is my 50% increased risk for restless leg syndrome… that scourge must die with me.

  5. John says:

    Out of curiosity are you happy with 23andme? Can’t tell if you’re joking on here are not.

  6. rxnm says:

    Definitely joking about the particular result highlighted in this pic. Overall, 23andMe is fun, though I have a mostly boring genome. There are sites, such as Interpretome, where you can do more advanced analyses with your SNP data.

  7. John says:

    Oh cool so they’ll give you your SNP data. I think I’m largely interested in whatever that Alzheimer’s predisposition gene is (an APOE maybe)–they link to that one?

    I tried the last time it was $99 and they failed to sequence me despite the fact I sent two spit receptacles back. Maybe I’m a Cylon?

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