Holiday thanks!

The holidays will find me toiling in the lab most days. That’s ok, I’m going to take off for somewhere warm for about a week without telling anyone around the end of Jan. Somehow, just abandoning the lab rather than giving people the opportunity to tell me all the shit they want me to do before I leave gives starting a vacation a certain frisson I just can’t resist.

I’m excited about today, because I’m certain that from now until the first week in January I d not have to worry about hearing from search committees. Like everyone, I get a lot of freaking email, and it’ll be nice not to have that “oh fuck what if that’s about a job” single thud of the heart whenever one comes in. I feel pretty cool with this because I’ve had 2 nibbles… one Skype interview and one campus visit scheduled, and this seems to me like a pretty good pre-New Year’s haul considering the job market and where I rate my chances.

Anyway Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and all the rest to all the tweeps and bleeps who make the job search and science in general more fun and bearable. And also thanks for the fantastic mentorship and discussion that happens in this weird little community.

December’s @s:image


2 Comments on “Holiday thanks!”

  1. Dr Becca says:

    Happy Holidays! Honored to be your #2. Enjoy your break from the job search madness, and know that we’re all rooting for you like crazy!

  2. aww … happy to be your number {n>2, n big enough to read}.

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