Twelve Months of Reaction Norm

Here’s that meme where it’s the first sentence of the first post for each month of 2012, with 2 fails.

January: No posts.

February: Via Drug Monkey. I just puked in my mouth a little.

March: One reason I feel silent the last couple of weeks was a major last push dealing with a paper.

April: No posts.

May: As I start to plan seriously for the job market in the fall, I am coldly assessing my chances and not liking them.

June: At some talk a couple years ago I heard either Hubel or Wiesel (can anyone tell them apart?) say that the only hypothesis they had was that there “should be something interesting happening in the visual cortex.”

July: If you’re a PhD student or postdoc and don’t want to end the day drinking, avoid the Tilghman Report (pdf).

August: Lately I struggle with my various identities.

September: If you’re like me and lack #PASSION, aka an underemployed spouse who can cater to all your and your family’s needs while you give plenary lectures about diseases you’re curing, you know that one of the first things to go when everyone gets busy is regular meals.

October: The Your Queer Prof blog has NOLA food recs that are less Quarter-focused than mine, more up to date, and probably hipper.

November: In a major departure for this blog, here are my thoughts on the movie Cloud Atlas (and the novel).

December: A French chef named Francois is overseeing a pot of water that is slowly heating up.


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