Academia is still pretending industry is hiring their discarded postdocs

Another “alt-career” event coming up! And guess what? All the careers discussed will be: research roles in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry: proteomics, assay development, all that stuff.

There are ~100,000 postdocs in the U.S. Let’s say 10,000-15,000 are actively looking for jobs and have any industry-relevant skills at all. How many can the private sector absorb? Data from 2012:

As you can see, these 24 leading biotech companies are collectively advertising for 3,357 jobs at the moment. Most of those jobs are in the U.S., but some are in other countries where these companies have operations. Even by using a pretty broad definition of “early-stage” or “research” jobs, I could only categorize 357 of those jobs (10.6 percent) as really being focused on that function which is so critical to the long-term future of the industry, and the jobs it will create.

Source: Betting on Biotech to Catalyze U.S. Job Growth? Don’t Count On It

So there are a few hundred research jobs/year in industry. On top of the many thousand postdocs looking for jobs are the many more thousands of people in industry or with industry experience looking for industry jobs.


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