Real Spotify Plugins

Repetition is This: Plays “Repetition” by TV On The Radio on repeat (get it?) until you restart your system or you submit a grant.

Judas!: Prevents “Empire Burlesque” from appearing in Bob Dylan search results.

Foxhunt: Blocks Spotify from posting on Facebook when you accidentally listen to the Killers…instead says you listened to Fleet Foxes, all without you ever having to actually listen to Fleet Foxes.

Steel Magnolia: Using your phone’s GPS, prevents Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up” from being played when you are not at home, to prevent public crying.

Silver Palace: Takes the left over fractions of a cent from every Spotify transaction and puts them in slush fund to pay Drag City to make their catalog available.

Microscope Room: Plays Slint until you set something on fire.

College DJ: Generates insulting tweets at friends who listen to anything with a Pitchfork rating < 8.0.


One Comment on “Real Spotify Plugins”

  1. Dr Becca says:

    I would seriously use Steel Magnolia.

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