The way we get by

I like reading Current Biology’s Q&As with eminent scientists, because more often than not it makes it clear that 1) The things that tend to make great science careers are idiosyncratic and hard to quantify, and thus totally ignored today, and 2) Most of these people would not become academic scientists today. Rarely, however, is it so baldly stated as in this one with Jeff Galef:

I doubt that I would  fare particularly well in today’s academic environment. At least at my University, there is currently an emphasis on participation in collaborative mega-grants, having a large laboratory, publication in a handful of journals with the highest citation indexes and pursuit of coverage by the local popular press. None of these things have been of particular interest to me. Quite the contrary.

Buddy, none of these things are of interest to most of us, but… [cue piano]


One Comment on “The way we get by”

  1. Galef’s work on socially transmitted food preference is absolutely brilliant.

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