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A different take on passion

“Passion” has been a topic of derision in science ever since St K3rn’s epic, gassy whine set the new standard for entitled boomer-d00d condescension to young scientists. (Also, it looks like K3rn and Chuck Vacanti look for the same qualities in their trainees.) I’ve found the word funny in most contexts for years thanks to the other David Mitchell’s video below. It is funny, and perhaps not coincidentally ends with Johns Hopkins, which makes me think that K3rn’s musings on what he thinks “passion” is may have been derived from a dumb university marketing campaign! Hilarious.

But it is nice to see blogger Parklife rehabilitate the word and make it about the qualities of a great mentor rather than a patronizing scold.


Don’t be skeevy

Next, Prof-Like Substance has a really great common sense post about men hitting on women at conferences. For fuck’s sake… just don’t. See the comments for hilarious concern troll “anon” who professes to be such a hapless and helpless thing that it is impossible to ever tell if he is behaving appropriately with a female human.

Life-hack: If you are completely clueless about something—driving, handling radioactive material, cooking rice on a stove top, speaking to 52% of humans—don’t do it. Find somewhere to develop these skills where you will not cause harm, annoyance, and discomfort to others.

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